Aged Black Garlic

Product of Black Garlic - Aged Black Garlic
Product Features:
We select only the high-quality cloves of garlic and grade them strictly after a thorough cleaning and carefully pick out the certain ones to ensure the quality. Then they are left to age naturally and turn slowly into black garlic under a specific fermenting process with rigorously controlled temperature and humidity, resulting in chewy garlic cloves with a sweet and tart taste. It will create a complexity of texture in your mouth and leave a delicious lingering aftertaste.

This product is all natural and without any additives. You can take it without worrying about the safety.The exclusively developed aging technique makes the black garlic cloves have a particular fragrance.

Black garlic is full of nutrition, rich in polyphenols, 18 kinds of essential amino acids, vitamin B, magnesium, peptides, minerals, dietary fiber, and other nutrients. It is a good source of nutritional supplements. It has many health-related functions; for example, it can boost physical strength, enhance immunity, promote metabolism, relieve constipation, regulate the level of blood sugar, protect the liver, and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

With a unique flavor and high nutritional value, black garlic can be used in a variety of oriental and western cuisines, such as in baking, stewing, making sauces and jams.


Product Information:
Content: 100% Aged Black Garlic.
Volume: 2 large heads.
Price: NT $ 450.
Free Shipping: All orders of NT$ 1500 or more of products shipped at room temperature or that of NT$ 2000 or more of frozen products qualify for FREE shipping.
Shelf life: 18 months.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Keep from heat and direct sun; After opening put the content in a ziplock bag and keep it close tightly.
Caution: This product is a natural product, and no preservative is added. Stop using when the shelf life is past.

Usage:  Just peel to enjoy the chewy clove of garlic with a sweet and tart taste. Save the peels to make tasty hot tea.Also, it adds a distinctive flavor to stew chicken, pork belly, rib finger, heel muscle with the black garlic or put it in the hot pot soup.  The ratio is as follows:
1. 500 grams to 1 kilogram of pork or beef,  30 grams of black garlic, and 1/4 tablespoon soy sauce.
2. 500 grams to 1 kilogram of chicken, 30 grams of black garlic, adding a little salt at the end.

Country of Origin: Taiwan.

Safety Guaranteed: Tested by SGS, this product is free of pesticides and preservatives.
This product is covered by a 20-million product liability insurance policy.

Nutrition and Functions of Black Garlic: